Top 4 Best Places For Hypnosis in New York City

These days hypnosis is not as popular as it once was and it leaves those seekers who wish to try it or even just check it out a bit with few options to find a reliable place that knows the practice well.In attempting to find a place many people are often frustrated in their search and never reach their goal, so my idea was to do a little research and come up with some of the best possible routes to take in this endeavor. Below I listed the top 4 places in New York City that can be sought after to find hypnosis and related issues for those who desire them.

  • Now of all places New York City should have everything you need and indeed it does. I found Theta Spring Hypnosis to be the best resource for this purpose with a licensed and skilled therapist to an absolutely gorgeous and welcoming setting. These places comes highly recommended by those in the field and say that the therapists are very skilled and great people who can help you with their shop set up very well in terms of comfort for the process.
  • Dr. Ellen Gamberg is also a licensed hypnotherapist and likewise comes highly recommended for you hypnosis related inquiries. She is not only a practitioner of hypnosis she is skilled psychotherapist who has many clients and has treated them very well dealing with all kinds of psychological issues and years of experience assisting people with these problems not least with the power of meditation and hypnosis.
  • Another great one is Kristin Prevellet who practices Mind-Body Hypnosis an idea that the mind and body affect one another and that through meditation and hypnosis problems between them and within them can be healed and a new center of focus can be acquired through this process.She has written a number of books on this and also offers a number of workshops to help teach them and related practices for those interested this is definitely a good place to go to find out information on this practice and ones connected to it.
  • The last recommendation is a highly skilled and well known individual in this field his name is Professor John Petrocilli C.H. who developed what is called the Humanistic Hypnosis Approach his own brand of hypnosis based on one on one sessions with himself. With 29 years of experience and numerous documentaries on him and his specialapproach, he is well worth seeking for those interested in his particular methods or just those seeking to understand or try hypnosis.

There are many more in New York City if you wish to try them but these 4 have the best results, and recommendations so try them out, and visit for more info.