Understand your past, your future and the present with life regression

This is a therapeutic resource, through the memory regression method, where the patient is taken back cognitively the stages of their past, this or supposed past lives, under expanded state of consciousness (relaxation), remaining conscious throughout the process at Reincarnation NYC. At the end of each session he will be perfectly fine, totally disconnected from the past, remembering everything that happened, but with detachment, without the negative emotional charge.

The problem is identified to be worked and the feeling that difficulties brings to the patient, and through relaxation with Past Life Regression New York he is led to the situation that gave rise to that feeling will be worked to exhaustion of emotions contained in it, from the moment of conception that experience of life, until the post-mortem, in the case of supposed past life and up to the present, in the case of this life, seeking the negative consequences of those records today, deprogramming them and reprogramming them positively.


Search the origin of the difficulties, either psychosomatic or organic, of interrelationship and / or psychological imbalances or behavior that are repressed in the unconscious and the conscious blocked. Release her traumatic content, deprogramming and reprogramming the misfit this through a proposal of transforming action to renew its model of life thanks to the help of Past Life Regression New York. This action involves the enhancement of the patient’s responsibility, for which it performs by itself the layout modification work and neutralizing their current difficulties and get the solution of conflicts and remission of symptoms, resulting in a possibility of healthy and happy life.

Important to note that only emerge memories that are able to bear and that the use of the technique is contraindicated during pregnancy in patients with uncompensated organic diseases or some psychoses not controlled by medication, and the high is given by itself patient when considering settled its difficulty.

How does regression atPast Life Regression New York?

Applied by a qualified professional, this technique does not allow the recurrence of symptoms or bring any difficulty or worsening to the patient. With Past Life Regression New York you will always be safe. More details here.

Past Life Regression New York will indeed help you

We remember that each has its spiritual mentor – our spiritual protectors – and it is these that will drive all the work of the astral hand. And the physical side will be the psychotherapist and thus, with all this seriousness, all plays out very well. The work of those who do not know or just want financial returns may distort situations, intervene where it cannot, take the patient to do what should not and the treatment may rather hinder the person, and may even be linked to what should not.

Great results we have achieved with this technique thanks to Past Life Regression New York. We must every day look for our improvement, we understand that we are a spirit where it all begins and where we should start any treatment in the spiritual field. This treatment actually cure, because only take care of the physical, camouflaging an improvement in any way will cure, because healing when there is only take care of the spirit to the physical, or from inside to outside. And this is one of the best therapies there is to achieve a great result. In this way, we will no longer live and feel what has passed, without losing time, improving and boosting our evolution.

The bottom line

We must not fail to seek divinity in us, but it will bring immense joy. Nor should we forget that we always have to start with the mind. We need to keep in mind that our attitudes and actions should be changed and improved by the spiritual self-search. Bet on you! You are a wonderful person and deserves to be happy, and more, make everyone happy! Count on Past Life Regression New York to be happier!

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