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Remain Sexually Active

How to Remain Sexually Active as We Get Older

There are many myths about sexual health and society seems to assume that older people do not have sex as often as young people. This myth is not based in reality. Older couples enjoy sexual activities in their 70s and 80s. These sexual activities offer benefits like longevity and happiness. Despite the myths, there are ways to stay sexually active as we age.

To start with, couples should focus on their partner. Things change as we age. Physical problems can make sex difficult. Listen to your …

Healthy Sexuality and Self Esteem

What Is Healthy Sexuality?

A healthy sexuality means that you are able to express your sexuality and enjoy it in your life. From having healthy relationships to positive sexual interactions, learning how to have a healthy sexuality can benefit the way that you live. Humans are naturally sexual beings who want to reach out to others for closeness and support.

Healthy Sexuality = Freedom From Guilt

Some people—especially those raised in certain religious organizations—are taught to feel ashamed or guilty of their sexual natures. Humans are designed to have sexual …